Pigs are extensively farmed all over the world, both in free range farms like 
Bedford Park (low numbers), and also in commercial piggeries (high numbers).

Want to learn how to talk like a pig farmer?  Here are some terms used in the pig farming community to get you started. These terms are used world wide.

  • Pig, hog or swine - the species , or  any member of it. The singular of "swine" is the same as the plural.
  • Shoat, piglet, hog or pig - an unweaned young pig, or any immature pig.
  • Sucker - a pig between birth and weaning.
  • Weaner - a young pig recently separated from the sow.
  • Runt - an unusually small and weak piglet, often one in a litter.
  • Boar or hog - male pig of breeding age.
  • Barrow - male pig castrated before puberty.
  • Stag - male pig castrated later in life (an older boar after castration).
  • Gilt - young female not yet mated, or not yet farrowed, or after only one litter.
  • Sow - breeding female, or a female after first litter.
  • Pigs for Slaughter - Finishing pigs on a farm.
  • Suckling pig - a piglet slaughtered for its tender meat.
  • Feeder pig - a weaned gilt or barrow weighing between 18 kg and 37 kg at 6 to 8 weeks of age that is sold to be finished for slaughter.
  • Porker - market pig between 30 kg and about 54 kg dressed weight.
  • Baconer - a market pig between 65 kg and 80 kg dressed weight. The maximum weight can vary between processors.
  • Grower - a pig between weaning and sale or transfer to the breeding herd, sold for slaughter or killed for rations
  • Finisher - a grower pig over 70 kg live weight.
  • Butcher hog - a pig of approximately 100 kg, ready for the market. In some countries (Italy) the final weight of butcher pig is in the 180 kg range! These have hind legs suitable for producing cured ham.
  • Backfatter - cull breeding pig sold for meat; usually refers specifically to a cull sow, but is sometimes used in reference to boars.
  • Sounder - a small group of pigs foraging in the bush
  • Herd - a group of pigs, or all the pigs on a farm or in a region.
  • In pig - pregnant.
  • Farrowing - giving birth.
  • Hogging - a sow when on heat.
  • Pig-shed - a larger pig-house.
  • Ark - a low semicircular field-shelter for pigs
  • Hut - shelter for pigs in paddocks.
  • Curtain-barn - a long, open building with curtains on the long sides. This increases ventilation on hot, humid summer days.

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