Bedford Park – Keeping your pork safe!

At Bedford Park, we have spent many months growing and caring for your pork. 

Now that it has been carefully processed for your enjoyment, please remember to follow these best practices to keep your pork fresh and safe to eat. 

If in the fridge, keep the temperature under 4°C.  If in your freezer, then keep it under -18°C...even when travelling!

Below you will find a recommendation chart for both fridge and freezer, and the time frames for Best Before.

The times shown are the maximum times for best flavor.  These cuts of pork will be edible for longer, but the quality and taste will diminish over time. 

Keepin' Ya Pork

Freezing Fresh Cut Pork at Home

The best way to freeze fresh cut and wrapped pork at home is by a process known as 'flash freezing'.
Flash freezing is done at temperatures below -20°C and can be achieved in your home freezer with a little prior preparation.

Most chest-style freezers have the capability of reaching -20 °C, however some upright freezers may not. Check your user manual for details.

To set up your freezer for flash freezing, move any existing food in your freezer to one side and then 
set the temperature control to its coldest setting. This can take some time so must be done several hours BEFORE you start. For best results, use a large empty freezer as this allows for maximum air circulation.

Use a freezer thermometer to check the temperature and make sure it is at least -20 °C.
Chill your pork before you freeze it to make it easier to cut and package, and to allow for quicker freezing. The faster the pork freezes, the better it will taste when cooked!

Wrap the pork cuts securely in high quality freezer paper. This will prevent freezer burn and avoid contaminating one meat with the odours of another.  

For faster freezing, try and arrange the packages in the freezer so they have gaps between them.  The more air circulating around the packages, the quicker the pork will freeze. To maximise space, use metal wire shelving.

Following the above tips should lead to longer lasting and better tasting pork!

Cooking Frozen Pork

Pork can be cooked from either frozen or defrosted. Defrosted pork should be cooked the same as a fresh cut. Just remember to allow additional preparation time for thawing.

Frozen roasts require 1/3 to 1/2 more time for cooking.

Cooking time for frozen steaks and patties will vary according to surface area, thickness, and broiling temperature. Frozen cuts should be broiled further from the heat so they do not brown too quickly.

To braise frozen pot roasts, allow approximately the same cooking time as for defrosted cuts.

Defrosting Pork

Frozen pork can be defrosted before or during cooking. When defrosting pork, keep it in the original wrapping in the refrigerator.

Defrosting meat at room temperature is NOT recommended. The following is a tguide for defrosting frozen pork in a refrigerator:

Large roast 4-7 hours (per kg)
Small roast 3-5 hours (per kg)

Steak, one-inch thick 12-14 hours