About Us

OK Kids - We are moving to St Lawrence and Lets Start a Pig Farm

In 2014 our family made the move to St Lawrence and living in the Isaac Region for 17 years it only seemed natural for our family to relocate to a location that we all love.

Our family have always had our own home-grown pork in the freezer, we wanted to be able to not only grow our own pork once again but to be able to start to farm pigs and share how great the taste is and the benefits of Free Range Pork Farming.  Making the move to St Lawrence gave us the land & foundation that we needed to start our very own Free Range Pig Farm, in a great community.

We only specialise in breeding Heritage Pigs and making sure that every pig we sell for pork has been ethically raised and farmed with love.

Free Range Pig Farming is a very rewarding lifestyle which allows us to be hands on, keeping them quiet and safer to manage, stress free and in a natural environment. We know our pigs are happy, they spend their days foraging, digging, lying in mud wallows, relaxing under trees in their large paddocks and most of all they like to come up for a big scratch when they see us.

We raise our pigs using no No Antibiotics & No Hormones, our pork is naturally grown and with careful dietary consideration we ensure all our additional feeding to the natural forage they consume is programmed and meets our own quality standards specific to our farm and what we aim to achieve.

Once our pork is grown out and we are ready to process, carefully, we transport our pigs to an accredited abattoir, which is also owned by families in the district.  Our carcass are then returned back to the farm where we have our approved processing room and process all our order ourselves. Some of the products we currently offer are our sausages (made traditionally), raw meat products - 1/2 & whole pigs ready for your freezer, pickled pork, ham & bacon, we also offer spit pigs (subject to Availability). For more information about our product line please  have a look at our price list or contact us for availability. 
 we strongly encourage you to place orders in advance. 

Our Pork is only available direct from the farm, although we do supply to a select few restaurants that align with our holistic approach. Please contact us for more information.  Our customers have a 100% guarantee that their pork is grown at Bedford Park for them to enjoy on their plates and ultimately, we hope that all our customers enjoy our Home Grown Free Range, Raised with love, Pork as much as we do.

We look forward to hearing from you, and letting you all know about any new and exciting updates.
                                                                                                                                                                                            Craig, Viv, Em & Jeff Coleman