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Where are we?

In the St Lawrence Community there is a population of approx 200 people, St Lawrence is located in the coastal strip of the Isaac Regional Council between Mackay and Rockhampton. Although many may think we are in the middle of no where, we really do have some hidden gems along the way.

Traveling south from Sarina you will find Ilbilbie and Greenhill, Carmila, Flaggy Rock, Clairview, St Lawrence, Ogmore, Marlbrough, Stanage Bay, Yamba, until you arrive at Rockhampton

(just reverse the order if you are traveling north from Rocky).  

Many little communities exist along the way with big hearts and stories full of history.

 Why not explore the area on your way to collect your pork. We welcome collections direct from the farm. Just let Viv know you are coming.  

Education on why we love our pigs and think they make the best pork is all in the experience.

Here is a little bit more information on our area - and why we love it so much

Click on the links below. 

www.isaac.qld.gov.au    whats Hot on the Isaac Coast​

Clairview - Barra Crab Caravan Park                        Cape Palmerston Holiday Park

Carmila Hotel          St Lawrence Hotel    St Lawrence Store

St Lawrence Post Office & Cafe           St Lawrence School

​Marlborough Hotel     Marlborough

Yamba Mower Racing       Stanage Bay

Whats there to do at St Lawrence & our Coastal Area????

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